Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Beautiful interior styling by Charlotte from Blackbird; for Alvhem Swedish Property Brokers.
Sadly this spacious yet minimal property is no longer in the market...

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Recreational Island House, in the Dutch lake area ‘Loosdrechtse Plas’ designed by 2by4-architects

Project description
On an island of 5 by 100 meters in the Dutch lake area ‘Loosdrechtse Plas’ 2by4-architects designed a unique recreational house. The house is a subtle frame that captures the view from the inside out and outside in. Completely anticipating on the client’s needs 2by4 has designed the house in such a way that it can customize the interaction with the surrounding nature. One of the glass facades can be completely opened so that the wooden outdoor terrace becomes part of the interior. To even more lift the inside-outside barrier the dark wooden facade can be folded open, creating a panoramic view to nature. The folded facade becomes an abstract perpendicular element that floats above the water. By opening this part of the facade the wooden floor of the living area is now directly connected to the water enabling the inhabitants to access the lake from the living room.
Although the size of the house is limited it still contains all the functions that are needed for comfort. Shower, toilet, kitchen, closets, storage and other functions are all integrated into a double wall. According to the need of a specific function the wall can be modified so that the spatial configuration changes, resulting into different atmospheres. The fire place, that hangs from the ceiling, also contributes to the changing of atmospheres because it can be rotated towards the outdoor terrace for those cozy summer evenings.
The orientation of the house is based on sunrise and sunset. In the morning cold light shines on the east facade, illuminating the white interior. In the evening the warm light flows into the west facade, announcing the end of the day.
Visitors that arrive at the house enter it in a series of sequences. Seen from the main land the house floats above the island. Arriving on the island itself the visitors are guided towards an elevated jetty that brings them to the terrace on the other side. The terrace continues towards the inside of the house where it stops halfway. Here the floor changes material and becomes a raised platform from where the visitors can look back at the nature they just came from.
Due to heavy demands after international recognition of the Island House 2by4-architects has started a prefab version of the house. I will maintain all the main features of the original design, but will be much more affordable, flexible and faster to built. The flexible prefab cabin can be used for a wide arrange of functions like garden house, small business unit, bungalow, student home, family holiday dwelling, mountain cabin etc. 2by4-architects even wants to strife to create a do-it-yourself kit for the more enthusiastic client.
I love love love everything about this - except the size - for me it can be just a tad bigger, won't you say?
Especially if there is a group of friends, or more than 2 people.  But on the other hand, I imagine your time will be spent mostly outdoors enjoying the lake and landscape and scenery - and indoors only for shelter and sleeping and cuddling in front of that cool fireplace!  For a tiny space this is one of the best designs I have seen in some time!  I love how the kitchen and bathroom components are slotted into the wall areas.  Clever idea right there!

Please can I have one of these delivered pretty pronto!

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Big apologies for the long and unplanned absence from AnUrbanVillage.  Lots of life stuff going on, and not enough time - but I'm back now, and back for good!

Love love love this quote!

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I know its not always the easiest thing to always be conscious of where your mind goes wondering - but being aware of your thoughts can make the difference between you having a good day and a bad day.  Just that one small tweak to keep those negative thoughts at bay, and replace them with a neutral or positive thought.

Each morning I try to get up as soon as I wake up .... its a challenge, but one I will muster;  I did say 'try'  I have read somewhere that by getting up as soon as you wake up, you will tap into all that first and fresh energy of the new day.  Wake up with a smile, and a big stretch and open your curtains and blinds and windows wide (its summer now, and believe me its been lovely to have a continuous hot few days; my windows are wide open from the moment I come home to the morning I leave for work.

Fresh air, and that fresh morning air especially is not only good for the body but also good for the soul.  Step outside and be grateful for just one small thing. However small you may think it to be, that small thought of gratefulness will start a chain of positive thoughts to continue being at the front of your thought process.

Smile as you're making your way to work, or to the gym or to a meeting,  listen to some good music,  always dress well (even on dress down days,  you will feel good when you look good,  you know what I mean)  Be helpful, do the best you can every day, and at the end of the day, tell yourself well done!  Being human with all our feelings and emotions and distractions can be one darn challenging experience, and by having a good day;  that is consciously creating a good day, by just making a few small changes, your outlook will soon change,  and as your outlook changes, your circumstances will soon start changing, the right people, the right opportunities will start appearing, your whole life will change - because you decided to make that change.

Change your thoughts and you'll change your world!  Lets all try and work on this small yet powerful concept, and I promise you the rewards will be worth it!

Have a consciously great day, and if its not started out as a good day; you still have the power within you to do something that will make the day good; maybe compliment someone on a good piece of work, or thank someone for keeping the door open for you,  maybe by making someone else's day good for just one moment, you will feel a bit better - you will get a positive response and that will make you feel good.

Go out and feel good and have a feel good day you all!

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Sunday, 20 July 2014


Easing into Sunday evening, with a bit of pinning, a bit of blogging and a bit of sketching.  A perfect way to end a gloriously relaxing weekend.  Oh and a bit of apple crumble pie baking was in order too...

Some truly realistic and absolutely beautiful renders created by Raya Todorova, from Bulgaria.   Lightness and soft hues, some contrasting greys,  great art -  If I could choose to live in any rendered space, this one will probably be top of my list!

First spotted via my unfinished home

Images via Raya Todorova on behance

Saturday, 12 July 2014


Minimal white cabinets, stark concrete worktops and warm wood, nicely adds balance to the space...  A good combination in this stylish kitchen by Paul van de Kooi

I particularly like the clean lines and open shelves above the sink area.  Lots of work surfaces and the island is a good size for having breakfast together in the mornings; or to interact with guests while cooking.  The concrete breakfast bar and worktops are perfectly finished - just how I like my concrete to be!  A bit industrial almost like shuttered concrete

The tall cabinets are all along one wall and the wooden ladder adds a bit of a rustic feel.

I think one can find a lot of inspiration from this space.

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Friday, 4 July 2014


If Drift, San Jose don't make you want to pack your bags and get the first flight out to Mexico, I'm not sure what will!  Gosh I'm already on my way to the airport if it wasn't for this thing called 'work' holding me back...  Lately I have definitely started feeling a pull towards the South Americas...  And when I do make it out there, DRIFT will be my first stop - but not entirely sure I'd want to leave again!

From their website:  'Drift was created for the independent traveler - inspired by the idea of “traveling without a destination”. The first location, in San Jose del Cabo’s Historic Art District, is the prototype for a series of hotels that fill a niche between boutique and youth hostel - and provide young adventurers an alternative to all-inclusive package tourism. Drift is designed to promote social interaction with a pared down, do-it-yourself atmosphere. The rooms are basic and open concept, influenced by industrial urban lofts and Baja ranch architecture.'

Reading about what Stu, the owner wanted to create for his guests - it gave me a fresh inspiration to really pull myself together and go out there and create the life I am dreaming about.  It ain't going to happen if I stay put and just keep on dreaming.  Dreams are important, don't get me wrong, very important - but needless to say - if its only going to stay a dream... then darling I guess its time to move on.   
I need to make work of it.  So ... today I have scheduled a meeting with an Architect friend to discuss my very own project ... lets see where all this will lead, but I'm feeling good, very good about it all!  Fingers crossed big-time!

Have a great week-end everybody, go chase after your dreams - and make your life wonderful as it should be!  If you can dream it, you can be it, you can make it!  And you will, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, and don't let anyone dull your sparkle darlings!   xx

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and DRIFT San Jose

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