Monday, 13 April 2015


Well said Mr Burchard

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015


If you are at all surprised by how quickly the past 2 months have raced past.... Well join the club!  I'm not the biggest fan of wishing time to pass, but this time round I am actually getting rather excited because in exactly one weeks time I'll be on board my flight awaiting the final safety announcements before take off....

I'll be on my way to Bali for just under 3 weeks of solo exploration, sunrise yoga retreating,  mindfulness meditations, energising qi gong and relaxing tai chi surrounded by from what I can gather one of the most beautiful places on earth.  And I must admit.... I am rather happy to only be exploring it now,  in my 40th year (as my french ex boyfriend would often remind me)

I have my notebooks a ready and topped up on some new little much needed gadgets and accessories, hoping to try and travel light... but not so sure this time round

First stop on my trip is Teras Bali in Sidemen....a little resort nestled between the rice fields. ... I will have two luxurious days here to readjust and then I'm off to my retreat on gili air

Wish me luck on this one you all, and I'll definitely be posting lots of little snippets along the way.
Also for photos of my trip check out my Instagram ... anurbanvillage

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Thursday, 2 April 2015


We all need a little nudge and a push every now and then and just a bit of reassurance .... 
life is all for us, life wants us to succeed,  lets take a moment and celebrate that thought!  
Spotted this Via Google+
"In case you were wondering, 
right now, in the unseen, 
all bets are on your continued inevitable success.

Insider trading is legal here.

The Universe"

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Friday, 27 March 2015


Got myself this lovely bunch of spring flowers yesterday .... just because.

Because I had a good day 
And because I've had a good week
Because I thought they were so pretty
And because I like flowers
Because I think we should have flowers in our homes all the time
And well... just because - seeing them just makes me smile!

Loved the combination of the pale pink tulips and the purple (not sure what the other flowers are called, anyone any ideas?) I placed them on the shelf behind my bed, and its lush waking up to the sight of those pretties and it does go so well with my little shelf and my Hoi An Canvas - a photo I took on some travels way back in 2008

Hope you're ready for a smashing weekend, clocks go forward here in the north so those slightly longer nights await... and soon spring will be in full swing!

All pics by me taken with my new Samsung Note 4 ... yay!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Roundabout now in 3 weeks time I will be at Heathrow airport awaiting a boarding call for my flight to Denpasar in Bali.  And hasn't the time flown since I booked my trip just a little bit more than a month ago!  I've started getting a couple of bits and pieces together for my trip, and a bit shopping too!  I have a few lists on the go - just in excel and as I remember something I need to take - or read about a nice cafe or area to visit, I add it to my little list....  all coming together rather nicely.

Back to Bali -  And a good month it has been!  I won't quite be staying in such luxury, but Villa Kubu really caught my eye - a beautiful Villa complex with private pools and outdoor bathrooms - pure luxuriousness to the last of the finer details.  Check out there beautiful and easy to navigate website for more villa inspirations - and who knows, you might just fancy a little trip to Bali of your own!

Images via villa

Friday, 20 March 2015


Had a little burst of inspiration while on my journey into work today - and made this little positive affirmation for the day.   A little reminder for myself of where I want this year to go.... spiritually as well as physically.

Sometimes we need to just take a moment and note some thoughts down as they come and go  - some thoughts we acknowledge and just let go and others we hang on to.  Hang onto the good thoughts, speak to yourself with encouraging words and love, remind yourself everyday that you are unique, you are here for a purpose - your body, your human shell is only your home for a little while - take good care of it.  Let your spirit shine - through that your true self will shine through.  You will attract the people who will help you shine brighter - don't let anyone dull your sparkle.  

Have an inspiring day - believe it will be so - believe in yourself  xx

Photo and words by me

Thursday, 19 March 2015


This week I somehow stumbled upon these beautiful and inspirational quotes by a young woman named Carly Marie - from Australia.  Her story is such a sad one, but from it she has inspired so many heartbroken families, mothers and fathers who lost a baby or child.

It is well worth visiting her website: CarlyMarie Project Heal to browse some of her beautiful quotes and inspirations, but also on those days when we feel sad and blue - there's a shimmer of sunshine even shining through her sad and heart broken quotes.    

Its about acceptance, and grieving and about healing - about friendships and about being there for each other - sometimes in silence and sometimes in excited shouts and screams and sometimes sharing the tears.

I cannot help but feel my heart really reach out to her - I have not experienced this kind of grief or loss in my life - yet her words I'm sure will somehow speak to each and everyone who visits her site.  She and her family is an inspiration - and I'm so grateful to have made such a beautiful discovery.

I have printed a couple of her affirmations and stuck them on my bathroom wall - next to my mirror - a daily reminder to be grateful, to be kind to ourselves and others, to accept ourselves and others with love and to heal from within....

Images via her Pinterest 

Friday, 13 March 2015


A bit of greenery can always life a space and add a touch of life. This is my delicious monster or also known as split leaf philodendrum. .. got it as a little housewarming for myself.  The pot is ceramic and from b an q and I paid £9.99 for it which I thought was rather inexpensive for such a beautiful pot.

And now it's time for some sweet dreaming and cozy sleepin x


from here
from here
from here
Something comforting and oh so inviting about these images of an unmade bed - reminds me of moments between sleep and wakefulness... when you get up to get a glass of water and then get back to bed for those last few hours of sleep before the break of day.

I can't leave the house though if I haven't made my bed - I love looking back into my new spacious loft room - and there right at the end of the room is my bed, all made and all looking crisp and fresh.  Oh and how about a freshly made bed, especially if the bed linen has been drying in the sun!  Soon we'll have summertime in the Northern Hemisphere and I love hanging my washing out to dry in the sun!

Oh we do love a bit of sunshine out here!

Hope you'll all have lovely weekend lined up - I'm taking it easy this evening and catching my breath from the week and tomorrow its lunch with a couple of lovely girly friends, we're hoping to try out a new tapas bar which have just opened on my little high street.  And in the afternoon I'm heading out to meet up with another girly friend, also an old work colleague who have drastically changed direction - and I'm so happy for her;  for a late afternoon coffee - we're contemplating either the Tate Modern with those amazing views of the Thames and St Paul's, or perhaps somewhere on Borough Market... Look forward to meeting up with some inspiring ladies!


Thursday, 12 March 2015


Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies

One of the many reasons I like early mornings - to catch the first rays of sunshine at the break of day.... to witness the beautiful changing colours of the sky .... to capture the sunlight breaking through branches of a tree - and to be in a position to make some time to enjoy this is quite priceless.

And to know that all this beauty is out there for us to appreciate and enjoy - each and every day. And even though some days your sunrise may not be this bright - we need to remember that somewhere in the world, somewhere on this beautiful planet or ours there is a beautiful sunrise happening.... if we can make the time to tune in just for a few moments, I'm sure we'll be able to appreciate even the grayest of breaks of day.

Hope you're ready for a good day - and hope you've got all you need within yourself to make it through the day.  And while we're at it - lets make it a great day!

* * *

I took these pictures this morning - the first two from my bedroom window and the rest were all taken in Finsbury Park in North London