Monday, 3 April 2017


Photography - Lindé Davies
Photography - Lindé Davies
Photography - Lindé Davies
Photography - Lindé Davies
Photography - Lindé Davies
Photography - Lindé Davies
Photography - Lindé Davies
Photography - Lindé Davies

Sometimes I can get a bit stuck - stuck in my routines - and the commute to and from work that tire us out
Sometimes between the everyday comings and goings we get so stuck, we often forget to really live....

To take a step outside, to look at the world with new eyes, with fresh wonder - and realise what a truly magnificent thing it is to be alive here - right now....

On Sunday it was just one of those perfect days for wondering around - camera in hand - I felt like a tourist again, and my early years and memories of being new in London came rushing through.  
I love this time of year - springtime - the blossoms - the flowers and the promise of summer to come...  a few favourite pics I'm sharing with you here

Photo's by me

Saturday, 1 April 2017


Stumbled upon this delightful project some time ago - I love how inviting that minimal facade can still appear....  Love the whiteness and curious about what beautifully designed spaces will wait once you've entered through to the indoor spaces

Designed by KMA (Kabarowski Misiura Architekci) you will find this silent surprise house in the suburbs of Wroclaw

Images via KMA

Saturday, 4 March 2017


This week I've totally been crushing on this beautiful minimal urban loft in Antwerp, Belgium - designed by Vincent van Duysen (super talented, intensely creative - and all time favourite designer needless add)

The palette is subdued with the use of rough timber and concrete thus in keeping with the historical vernacular and prominence of warehouses in the surrounding quay and city area.  The space has volume, and light, and feels inviting yet still remains in keeping with a very minimal design aesthetic.  Just a beautiful minimal almost monochrome loft like space - but the warm tones and timber clad interior in some areas adds an organic and comforting feel 

Lots of inspiration here for my weekend getaway - still in the planning, still in the making, not quite yet off the ground ... but getting there (she says, and smiles)

images via leibal

Tuesday, 7 February 2017


This is ETQ Amsterdam - a fashion brand born in 2010 with its main focus on mens footwear at the time, but now offers a beautiful array of elegant and sophisticated mens and womenswear as well as accessories all hand crafted in a small factory in Portugal.

Their main focus was to allow the quality of the products to speak for itself instead of heavily accessorised branding - with these three elements at the forefront of their ethos - elegance, timelessness and quality.

And the results are truly spectacular in a very minimal kind of way.  

The use of concrete in a variety of different finishing techniques adds a somehow blank canvas for the beautifully crafted items to really stand out and speak up.

I love love love those concrete benches with the more textured elements and exposed aggregate combined with the smooth finish at the base - and the chalky white is just lush ..... excited by the craft and design - oh and the fashion obviously too!

Images via/ by Vosgesparis

Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Photo: Lindé Davies

Yesterday I took my usual walk along Chiswick Mall - with The Thames to my right.  I love this walk because the landscape can change so drastically depending on the tides.

Its cold and windy and wintry but the landscape somehow comes alive in all this freshness and cold
Sometimes I guess its only when our hearts start to open we really feel the cold of the world again - but also the warmth of just being human... and the freshness of the air on our skin.

So I guess with the Chinese New Year just gone - there has been some build up of emotions over time - over time and time and time - sometimes we get so busy trying to get away from our feelings or for some like me, the lack of the feelings and emotions - to always be strong, to not let things get to us - that they go and hide somewhere deep in our subconscious mind - and then one day - they just all come to the surface and well up and stream out of our eyes - like a cloudburst drenching some fertile lands.  To feel the vulnerability of being human and to allow the tears that are to come could actually be quite healing.  I just had no idea there were so many hidden within

I think I needed exactly this experience and what has led up to it - to catapult me into really starting to feel things again - to feel sad and sit with it, to feel vulnerable and sit with it, to feel happy and sit with that - to feeling content and sitting with that.  I think in some small part the walls are coming down and this will be a time of personal growth and development, to go make some changes and to go make some things happen, and to be open to the challenges of being human and being fully participating in this thing called life and to align myself spiritually and emotionally each day to the opportunities that may arise.

I read this lovely quote yesterday and it just made so much sense for me right then - 

If a train doesn't stop at your station then its not your train.... so so so true

I guess that's exactly how I felt yesterday - I guess if the station is closed - there will be no trains stopping either - so here's to no more walls and fully embracing what this life and what this year may have to offer - with hard work we will reap the rewards, putting in a little bit of effort will go along way.  I have not forgotten, but now I have really remembered.... thank you for reminding me again

And now it kind of makes me feel happy that I could have felt so sad - and I am feeling excited because this is all good all round - to feel again.

Photo:  by me

Tuesday, 24 January 2017


A dream home come true for the Waborg family who designed and had this beautiful lightfilled bright home built for them in Hollviken in the South of Malmo

Feels like home

More info and Images via:  Elle Decoration Sweden
Photos by:  Petra Whips (Bindel)

Friday, 20 January 2017


Beautiful winter landscape mug popped up in my Pinterest feed ... this mornings pink hues on the horizon reminded me of this lush and lovely wintry find

Available here etsy

Image via Pinterest

Thursday, 19 January 2017



As the first month of the new year is already in full swing - I do what I normally to best this time of year.... revisit my past travels and starting to plan the next big trip!  As you all may or may not know - I LOVE BALI - absolutely truly badly deeply - so join me on this trip down memory lane - my recent visit to Villa Kubu - my favourite luxury stay on that beautiful magical isle.... I wrote a little blogpost especially for them which you are welcome to read here at the Villa Kubu Blog

Photo:  Lindé Davies

I wanted to share some of the reasons why I keep returning here, to Villa Kubu - even though there are so many other amazing villas and resorts to choose from in Bali... and I do get to see a fair bit of those too.

But Villa Kubu is somehow just one of those beautifully understated yet wonderfully luxurious tropical villa resorts that have been around for a while - a good 16 years to be exact - but still feels contemporary and very much on trend - and a place that really draws you back time and time again.   

My first stay here was also the very first time I visited Bali in 2015 - a bit of a late Bali bloomer I must admit, and yet I won't have it any other way.  I stayed at an amazing villa towards the end of the lane, one of the last villas - but somehow also one of the most beautiful, I thought back then ... My stay at Villa 11 was quite out of this worldly .... a true luxury villa with a beautiful private pool and perfectly landscaped gardens.   Koi ponds and big stepping stones and nature sounds all round.  The bathroom is open-air and has that jungle feel - fabulous lava-stone jacuzzi overlooks yet another koi pond with the water gently streaming down the stone wall surrounding this idyllic bathroom space. 

And yet - when you arrive at your home sweet home away from home, and you close the heavy wooden gate behind you - you truly feel like you are home just a little bit more beautiful, a touch more tropical and a whole lot more luxurious! 

Even though nestled somehow in the hart of hustling bustling Seminyak - driving down the lane as you make your way towards the entrance of this lush and tranquil resort - you somehow beautifully forget the rush and business where you have just come from and you enter a haven, a peaceful retreat, a tropical paradise…

So last year I stayed at Villa 7 - and I must admit I had a moment of absolute wow - can this be even more beautiful, more luxurious and more perfect than my previous stay?  Oh yes it can!  The design and layout is so unique and stylish, it felt a tad more traditional somehow which I loved, but still very much contemporary and tropical.  You enter through an antique Javanese gate into a little tiny outdoor lobby I would say - and then from there you step into your lush tropical garden - sweeping all the way along the left and around to the back of the villa. To your right a perfectly cut lawn and a couple of frangipani's that have fallen to the ground throughout the day - their beautiful fragrance sometimes still linger in the air.  And then the curved private pool, inviting and cool just waiting for you to take your first splash or gently wade in, whichever you prefer .... and a wonderful traditional bale towards the back overlooking this lush tropical paradise await.  Here you can relax and enjoy just being present in the moment,  or as I found a very good spot for a delicious breakfast, which can be served at your villa or enjoyed at the Oasis restaurant onsite and just a few steps down the lane.  I had the Eggs Benedict both days - somehow breakfast outdoors in these surroundings are what makes trips and travels just ever so much more special if you are being served overlooking your own little piece of paradise (for a few days)  And it was off course 5 stars all-round!

Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies 
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
The Spa Venues was just across the way from my villa and my dreamy treatment really sent me off into a very deep and relaxed state - I was floating for the rest of the day, my body felt renewed and my skin super soft for days.  The concierge and staff at Villa Kubu are always very friendly yet remain professional and whenever I left the grounds the security guard always said hello, and asked what my plans were for the day.  It didn't feel intrusive at all, but sincerely interested in where I was heading out to.  I never went very far mind you.   He saved me from a very long detour one afternoon and I'm happy that I took the time to say a little hello on my way.

My next trip to Bali I am planning to take my mum - I cannot wait to share all the magic all the wonder, and all the beauty of the island, it's people - the customs and traditions, the culture - and beautiful places like this one, like Villa Kubu - with her....

I'm sharing also a handy link to their current rates and some tempting offers so don't delay, 
book yourself a rejuvenating tropical paradise stay!

Friday, 9 December 2016


an urban village original


What does it mean though to be you’
In a world where we are constantly being bombarded by having to behave this way or that way or looking like we have just stepped off a magazine cover or driving this car or that - what about just being you - to not be recognized as a matter of your belongings or what you have achieved - but to be recognised by your truth, by speaking your truth and by living your truth and by standing up for your truth

I believe the more of us stand together in our uniqueness, in our perfectly flawed humanness - that vibration of realness will start resonating with more and more people and soon we will be a whole collective of humanity - a mass of humankind - human kind - that in our tribes and droves will pull together and form a powerful movement of love and of light and of warmth 
I think its already started happening

I imagine a beautiful spiderweb with soft sparkly threads with each strand connecting at very specific points to form the most perfect web
Imagine each one of us - are those connecting points on that beautiful and perfectly formed web - our place just perfect and within that we form a perfect whole.
Now imagine I want to be you - so I start mirroring you, your behaviour - what you say and what you do, how you do your hair …. and soon my connecting point disappears and your connecting point becomes thicker - if more and more of us want to become someone else - the more and more gaps there will be forming in this once perfectly formed web - and it will start being off balance

When the web has too many holes - too many copies of copies of copies of people - the web will become too week to stay strong enough to stick together….. and we will start picking holes in each other because of the holes in our web
It feels like we need to almost forget everything we think we now and learn anew how to be me and you how to be you - spend some time hanging with your soul - and really feel how does it feel to just be you
You are enough, you are perfect - you are exactly where you need to be
The more true we become to our selves - the more space we make for our soul to shine, and the less space there is for our ego to want to change us into something we are not.  When we are in this state of accepting our true self - just purely by the act of acceptance, we are allowing ourselves the space to grow into the most perfect version of ourselves - and therefore move back to our original space, our original connecting point in that perfectly formed web - imagine it so thin and so beautiful yet so delicate with sunlight and dewdrops now being caught by this web - and suddenly the most beautiful rainbow colours are reflecting and shining out from each and every connecting point on this web - and this web is starting to rotate and move and with each rotation each connecting point are getting stronger and stronger and truer and truer to themselves - yet it all happens collectively because of the connectivity between each of us, between each point - until it reaches a point where the force of the rotation causes the web the disintegrate in the most beautiful of explosion allowing each one of those tiny little connecting points to go off into the atmosphere and slowly growing new connections and forming a new webs until the whole is connected as one big beautiful rainbow of magnificence

Imagine recognising each other from a place of truth- and moving in our lives from that place of realness and rawness - but also imagine once we start accepting ourselves and our place - by accepting it - we are actively standing in our place - and therefore we are allowing ourselves the space to grow into where we need to be…… its all about the ebbing and the flowing like the phases of the moon and tides - neither are fighting the other - a perfect unison in movement creating an energy field that will draw in what is needed and release what no longer serves us
Making space to draw in more of what is needed and releasing each time that which no longer serves us ….. nothing is permanent, we are forever changing - but only by accepting our truth we are allowing the changing to happen - when we are fighting our truth - that is when we become stuck, we become stagnant - we feel stuck
And because we think from a place of self and not from a place of truth -the place of self wants to be seen
The place of truth is just being